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The Jane Heirs @ Highland Vista Porch Fest

 —  —

5301 E 7th St, Tucson, AZ

Porch Fest is back in the Highland Vista neighborhood! We'll be playing from 3:45-5pm.


Arizona Palooza with Saint Augustine

This event to raise awareness about mental health will be livestreamed on KOLD starting at 4pm, April 23rd. https://www.kold.com/live/

Inn at Civano Zoom Concert Series

Your Computer

I'll be joining Annie English and Eric Douglas for a round-robin of music from 3-4:30pm. Tips are gratefully accepted.

Mountain First Porch Fest

 —  —

Tucson, AZ

Mountain First's annual porch fest! Music on porches, food trucks, all around a beautiful park.

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After years of piano lessons and playing violin in the school orchestra, Kristie Cunningham decided to find her voice, and sing in places other than the shower and the car. She started playing guitar at the tender age of 32 after the first two bands she was in broke up before they ever played out, and it was one the best things she ever did, because it reminded her of this: Being able to make music is magical, and singing is the purest joy she knows. Since then, she has been performing a mix of genre-crossing originals and covers at regional folk festivals, porch fests, benefits, and venues in and around Tucson, AZ, solo and as part of her duo, The Shameless Flirts (with Paul Kirsch), and her trio, The Jane Heirs (with Denise Lane and Kathy Kolmer.) She blogs here and writes poetry here.  

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