Boogie for Women of a Certain Age
© 2016 Kristie Cunningham

I'm losing my mind, yep, I'm losing my mind
My glasses, my car keys, the phone I can't find
I drove past my turn on my way home
I think it might be dangerous to leave me alone
Used to have it all together, but don't know where I put it
I'm losing my mind, yep, I'm losing my mind.

I can't see a damn thing, this print is so small
I turn down the radio to read street signs at all
I take of my glasses for the small print
Forget the bifocals, I'd rather squint
Used to have perfect vision, now large print is where it's at
I'm going blind, yep, I'm going blind

Dang is it hot in here, or is it just me?
I jumped from 98.6 to a hundred and three
And I'm really irritated by these swinging moods
Please give me all the chocolate and perhaps some solitude
Used to be even-tempered, now I'm all over the place
I'm losing my grip, yep, I'm losing my grip

Oh god, there's something wrong with me and that would explain
All of these problems in my once-stellar brain
I'd better check the internet to find out what I can
I think the answer came to me when the webpage called me, "Ma'am"
Getting older ain't no picnic, but it's time to face the facts:
I'm 45, yep, I'm 45