Beautiful Enough,
© 2016 Kristie Cunningham

It’s the knot on the tree that interests me
What happened here, this ancient injury?
Still, it grew and thrived. scarred but strong
Life insists and it is beautiful enough

And in the woods, where no one ever goes
Flowers bloom in secret, tiger lilies and wild rose
Only the morning sees their faces shine
Out of the shadows and they’re beautiful enough

You focus on your faults, your setbacks and defeats, but each step forward carrying your past is a genuine victory
There’s no shortage of critics in the world
Give it up and know you’re beautiful enough

What makes us so sure we don’t measure up?
What if, right now, we made a choice in favor of love?

Who taught us to believe that we are flawed?
The miracle we’re here at all should leave us nothing but awed
Can’t we see our light dazzling like the sun?
Consider this: we are beautiful enough

We are beautiful enough
We are all beautiful enough